The myopic opinions of foxnews viewers

July 16, 2011

A recent poll:

It’s kind of scary. Foxnews has infected its audience with an astoundingly myopic view of the world. These viewers are utterly incapable of having any sort of reasonably informed intellectual discussion about anything. Everything is simply Obama’s fault. Everything he says is a lie. He’s just a dirty socialist hell bent on destroying the country. He’s trying to hoodwink us all.

It’s amazing. The President is agreeing to some $4 trillion in budget cuts, and yet viewers STILL think he’s fear mongering in order to get his way. If that’s the case, then what is “his way”? Getting the long term budget in control by making some cuts and raising some taxes?? Is that so unreasonable? Is it such a crime to close private-jet-tax-loopholes and let the Bush-era upper-echelon tax breaks expire? Must he instill the fear of economic calamity before republicans will give an inch? And if so, then what does that say about republicans? Are they so obnoxiously stubborn that they’ll refuse everything the President offers so they can stick to their ridiculous pledge not to raise taxes on the uber wealthy? Have they no willingness to compromise?

About the debt ceiling… no one really knows what exactly will happen if it’s not raised. No one can predict the market with 100% certainty. However, I’m fairly certain that the likelihood nothing bad will happen at all — that this is all just a political scare tactic by our devilish president — is much much lower than 88%. In fact, I’m fairly certain that the impact would indeed be calamitous, with the worst case scenario being absolutely catastrophic.

When you’re facing such a grave worst case scenario, it’s best not to tempt your fate – lest you follow down the path of ruined fools.

I think the more appropriate answer for foxnews viewers is (a) Not sure, I don’t know enough about how the economy works. Because clearly, they don’t.


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